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Why eAPPs was born

                        was founded from the frustration Eric had while investing with bankers, insurance agents, fund managers and even social trading platforms...

Eric experienced it all… From calls not getting picked up, to the classic sentence of “ It will go up next month, just wait”... 

The worst was that they will suddenly have the time to initiate a call with you when a new product comes out or when asking you to inject more funds!

That was why Eric was determined to form eAPPs, to disrupt the Fintech industry with Service and Capital Protection as our main core competency.


“Passive income! 

Earn while you sleep!”

as they said...

Only 45% of U.S. stock-based assets are passively managed as of March 2019.

With eAPPs, we still believe in a mix of passive and active investing…

BUT let our Dedicated Account Managers handle the active investing for you… Or you can handle it yourself too! (Thank you for reducing our work!)

Let us be your GPS

Our objective in this industry,

from the day we start,

is to never let another investor feel lost again.

We will be the GPS that plan, guide and bring you to your desired destination safe and sound.


Join us

for the journey

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