Questions Before Starting


What is eAPPs, Fortifytoday, eFirm?

Our company was previously known as eFirm, since 2017 we rebranded our company and now its called Fortify Fintech Ptd Ltd.
Fortify Fintech Pte Ltd Owns the Gen 3 copy trading technology product called eAPPs.
eAPPs is the product that we introduce to the market.

How does eAPPs Technology works?

User and Traders Brightwin MT4 account is uploaded into the same server.
This is to minimize lag timing for trades to be replicated.
eAPPs server push and pull information from master traders to users account, when users choose to follow a certain Trader

What are the Charges for Using eAPPs

Our Master traders on our platform charge either a
monthly subscription fee minimum $50/month or
Based on lot size traded as low as 10cents per trade.
As a user you have the authority to choose which model you want to pay.

How do you Pay Master Traders?

eAPPs have a fully automated wallet which clients can use. It is separated from your own Trading account and Capital. This wallet is used only to pay traders and Server Charges (US$4.99/ month for each MT4 account link, no other hidden cost.

Credits in Wallet are strictly not redeemable for cash nor are they refundable under any circumstances.

Must I be on my Computer everyday in order to copy the traders?

You don't have to be on your computer 24/5 whenever the market is open to follow traders' trade. We provide you a server to upload your accounts on the same server with our traders with a small monthly server fee of US$4.99 deducted from your eAPPs Wallet.
All you have to do is Register your Brightwin Brokerage account in eAPPs and your account will automatically follow the trades.

What is the Affiliation between eAPPs and Brightwin Securities Broker?

eAPPs is the Technology provider that provides the platform for the public to use.

BRIGHTWIN SECURITIES AND FINANCE LIMITED also known as Brightwin is a Securities Broker exchange where users and traders deposit capital into their own trading account and excute trade orders from brightwin.

What Spread does eAPPs use?

Spread is not dictate or offered by eAPPs. It is provided by liquidity providers to Brightwin, Which offers to users Viable Spread.
Spreads can be viewed from Brightwin MT4 Platform

Can i have more then one MT4 Account?

Yes you may have more then one account. However users have to take note that each MT4 account uploaded in eAPPs will pay a monthly server fee of US$4.99 each.

Is there a limit to the number of Master Traders that I can follow?

There is no limit to the number of strategies you can follow.
Proper Diversification is important.

Brokerage Firm

Is there a Minimum Deposit for Brightwin Broker?

Brightwin's minimum is US$250 to start trading.
However base on some of our clients. The optimal amount to start or test would be US$5,000 and above.

eAPPs Wallet minimum deposit is US$250

Does Brightwin offer Swap Free accounts?

Yes. Under Brightwin terms and conditions for swap free account applies.

Funding and Withdrawal

All Funding and Withdrawal for Trading details are taken from Brightwin Securities.

How do I fund my trading account?

Log in to Brightwin. Under click “Deposit Funds” and select your preferred method
(Wire Transfer or Money Booker).

How long does it take to process funding via bank wire transfers?

Typically it takes 2-5 business days to process bank wire transfers.

How long does it take to process funding via Credit Card/Digital Wallet transfers?

Typically it takes about 1 business day or less to process MoneyBookers Wallet transfers.

What are the different withdrawal options available?

Bank Transfer.

How long does it take to process my withdrawal?

Brightwin Securities processes your withdrawal request within 1 business day. However, it may take 3-5 business days for the funds to reach your account.

Are there any withdrawal fees/charges?

For withdrawal via Wire Transfer, Brightwin does not charge any withdrawal fees. However, there may be handling charges imposed by both issuing and receiving bank. Charges depend on your bank's Overseas Wire Transfer rate.

Copying a Master Trader

Are the strategies/systems based on scalping or swing trades?

The strategies/systems include scalping, swing trades and others as well. There are a variety of strategies/systems available.

Are we allowed to copy trade using a demo account?

In order to protect the interest of Master Traders of eAPPs, no copy trading is allowed using demo accounts. However, you will be able to view the past performance of the Master Traders.