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I want to have my own Team of




Leverage on Verified Professional Full-time Traders and  a Dedicated Account Manager assisting you.

How it works?

Pick Your Trader Team, Connect your account, Optimize


Professional Master Traders from all around the world submit their portfolio for review before onboarding eAPPs as a Master trader. 100% proven track record. 0% Fluff

We analyse their Trading Strategy, Risk Profile and Capital Allocation before classifying them for Investors to make a Informed Decision.

Trades by your Trader team are placed automatically for you, at custom trade sizes that you have pre-set. Scale and Optimize according to your preference and goals.

how it works

No Lockdown or “Waiver of Interests”

Dedicated Personal Account Managers that will pick up your calls

Check your Trades and Account updates directly from your own Brokerage Account

Want your money? Just withdraw it from your brokerage account and have it back as quick as the next day

100% of your profits belongs to you. Verifiable trade records IN your account

Bank/Insurance Investments

Locked down capital or Waiver of interests if you withdraw even one day before Maturity

Account Managers that will avoid your calls or "Call you back later"

Account Managers that will avoid your calls or "Call you back later"

Call your agent to check on the value of your investments, but always receives vague unverifiable updates

Want your money? Call your agent (If you even manage to reach them) and have it back as quick as the next month!

Give a % every year , subject to additional deduction of service fees and what not… and you can't even verify the trades

Afraid of Commitment?

We understand that commitment is not easy.


No Commitment

Is Needed!

You can break up with us

whenever and wherever you want.


Money stays in your

own brokerage account at all times

 Start and stop at anytime


No lockdown of Capital,

Withdraw anytime.

So… you must be thinking,

How would my money look like in a few years time with eAPPs?

We have a                                                       which helps you understand your own Risk Profile as well as your projected portfolio with eAPPs

Simulation Questionnaire

It will also help us to better understand the goals of your investment and how We can achieve it for you!


Alex Wee

I like to have control over my own money, so besides trading by myself, i feel very comfortable to have my investment in eAPPs as i get to control who trades my money as well.


Trading does make money and lose money, but I like eAPPs approach.

They focus on risk management.

I will remember what they say

“ The key to winning, is to not lose”. Great point.

Hui Qing

I have experience in trading forex, but due to past experience, emotions do come up and by the time I don’t know how to manage and overwrite the risk management.

Now with eAPPs, I feel very very comfortable. Now I can sleep, go on holiday, and do everything without having to worry.

Thank you very much.

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