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Build your Trading Business with us

Just focus on your trading record,

we will handle the rest for you

Let us work for you!

Never worry about sales and support!

The most Stressful part about a trading business is handling clients and getting sales…


We know!

Leverage on our Team of Account Managers and Support Teams to service the clients! You can just focus on Trading!

No Legal Hassles

Clients follow and trade in their own brokerage accounts, pay flat fees, and keep their allocation under their own control, therefore there's minimal regulatory to start your trading empire.

Have a loyal fanbase

If you are already creating content, let us help you get your content seen by our users! This will create a better conversion rate as well as a loyal following for you and your other social media platforms!


How do you get paid?

You determine how much you wanna charge for your service.
No performance fees or high water marks…
Just focus on trading, and we will focus on bringing more investors for you.


Fully automated e-wallet

All calculation and payment is done automatically. You will never have to chase or worry for client payments again


Simple Withdrawal Process

An e-wallet will be allocated to you to help you keep track of clients payment and you are just a button away from withdrawal
No more troublesome processing and paperworks.

Protecting your Intellectual Property

When it comes to developing trading strategies, your Intellectual Property is priceless. On eAPPs your IP is protected. That’s because you keep it, and never show it to us. The method you use for generating your buy and sell signals stays in your hands. You never give it to us. We never evaluate it. You only issue buys and sells as they happen. We track the results.

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