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 During the 20s, it’s the stage where you are free to spread your wings, do whatever you want to do because when things are getting too exciting, you are willing to experiment with all of the things to shape yourself where you want to be. Yet, it is also a stage for growth and development. Hence, you will face tons of mistakes that sometimes you will feel grateful or regret later. 


Thus, we are going to outline some of the mistakes and how we can avoid them so you won’t be hitting the ground, crying, and wishing if you could turn back to those times.


1. Young people don’t save money 

9 out of 10 young people are impulsive spenders. They love to spend whenever they receive the money instead of allocating their money effectively. And this is why so many young people tend to regret not saving more money when they are getting older. Don’t be extravagant in spending, instead, build your savings or invest it in something else. Let the money work for you little by little, take charge of your life and save more than you spend - especially for emergency-related. 

2. Invest without proper research

Young people tend to follow their mates doing what they are doing yet they fail to conduct research and understand what they are doing. They think that following their mates will get a higher chance to earn profits. In fact, this leaves them stranded in confusion because they don’t know what they are investing in, how it works, why do they want this, what are the benefits, and many more. If these questions are answered correctly, your goals will be settled. Hence, it’s important to explore further the bits and pieces of the investment company whenever you start investing. 


3. Not investing in themselves

That video games, Netflix-ing, partying, impulsive spendings, etc - Will lead to disaster when you are older! 


This is quite common because young people think they have all the time in the world so they can just enjoy first and suffer later. However, we will never know what’s ahead in life and you will realize that you only have limited time left in this life. 


If you are more likely to think there will be the right time and things will magically work out, you have to stop this mindset! Instead, you should think that this timing is the best time for you to spend wisely by investing in yourself. The earlier, the better it is. 


Investing yourself isn’t about money. Investing yourself can mean anything from reading, learning courses, interning, freelancing, and whatever it is that can improve your skills and grow your experience for your future. This will help to build personal development and learn from experienced people to achieve things smarter or avoid unnecessary mistakes in the long run. 


4. Young generation easily give up 

Young people these days want everything to be easy. They only want to get instant gratification. This movement leads to young people are not being well-prepared to plan and work hard for long-term goals. For instance, you want to quit school because it was not meant for you and it’s challenging. There’s a difference between “a major isn’t for you”, and “a major is difficult.” When a major just isn’t for you then the best solution is to quit and try another major that suits you so you can have better preparation for a career that you’ll enjoy. 


If the major is difficult then don’t quit, but instead, work harder to learn so you can develop and improve your potential. 


These days, the young generation often blame the difficult situation as a reason for them to quit. And sooner or later, they will think back and regret not accomplishing it. 

In life, nothing is easy and everything takes effort to succeed. Again, you have to fight for the things that are worth battling. 


5. Trying to please everyone

When your circle of friends is getting high-end products, it doesn’t mean you have to follow what they are buying too - and this is what most young people tend to do! 


Or maybe you are someone that always says “YES” to anything and never disagrees with their opinions. This is a sign that you have created an impossible situation for yourself. 


When you are trying to please everyone, you are losing sight of your value, goals, and character. You never stand up for what you believe in or go after your dreams. Some possible reasons why you are behaving this way is because you are worried that if you contradicting them, they will reject, leave or belittle you. 


And if you are feeling this way, you have to stop becoming a people-pleaser. Sometimes, putting on yourself first is not selfish, is called being assertive. There are some extend that you shouldn’t let others take advantage of your kindness just because it’s hard for you to say no. And if your circle of friends is pressuring you to follow their toxic lifestyle, you have to cut the ties immediately. Stop hanging around with bunches of people that won’t support you during your good and hard times, it’s not worth it at all. 


Instead, start focusing on yourself more and more. Spend time alone for yourself. Be more independent and realize you are good on your own. Build more skills that you think it’s important for you to grow. You will be less afraid of rejection and abandonment because it’ll come to a point that your value is the most worthy, not others. 

6. Blaming their parents for misfortune 


Well, sorry to say but your parents owe you nothing as much as they brought you into this world. They have tried their best to give you life. If you think that their “best” isn’t good enough, well, go fix it on your own. 


A wise man once said, “if you are born into poverty, it’s not your fault, but it becomes your fault when you die in poverty. Make some changes in your life!” Your background doesn’t define your future. If you want to end this cycle, you have to strive harder to end this mediocrity running in your lives. Yes, it’ll be extremely struggling at first, but you will feel grateful for battling all these in the future. 

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