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Do I Need a Mentor for Forex Trading?

Can I succeed in Forex Trading with/without a mentor?

We all have the same goals in forex trading.. And that’s right:

Make money.

We want to make money from trading one currency to another as part of our main income or side income. As long as it’s profitable.

Imagine if we could trade with the best interest rate that could convert tons of profits instantly… That’s mazel tov!

But well, time to wake up!

Because if Forex is as easy as it is, then why is everyone still relying on their 9-5 career when they can trade right away and be extremely rich!

Precisely, although Forex is considered one of the most attractive methods for most investors due to lower starting fees, online friendly and wholesome information provided, it requires knowledge, consistency, persistence, and (definitely) patience. One may feel lost on how to get started and end up spending a lot of money on a trade that you aren’t familiar with. Apparently, you’ll make the wrong choices!

So here comes the main question:

“Can I earn money in Forex without a mentor?”

Answer is,

Yes, you can...


If you are someone that only wants to learn the basic terms or you don't consider trading as your part of income resources, then you may want to stick with free resources on the internet.

But if you are someone that is:

1. Seriously keen to trade for a living

2. Able to control your emotions

3. Consider trading as a prolonged source of income

Then having a mentor suits you.

There are various learning methods provided by the mentors out there. If you’ve been surfing the currency market ads or websites, you will notice several methods of learning such as:

  1. E-courses

  2. E-Book

  3. Seminars

  4. Videos

  5. And many more approaches to help potential students easier to understand

These all are accessible both online and offline.


Which one works for me?

Deciding the best methods is what you need to do for homework. You may not be suitable with E-Book because you are not someone that is ‘book-oriented and you prefer to watch videos instead because you will find it easier to visualize. Hence,

Pay attention closely to their teaching approach.

Remember, your goal is to learn and familiarize the market crystal-clear because you won’t be trading with a little knowledge, aren’t ya? After all, it’s more dangerous yet a waste of your time + money rather than paying yourself for a proper education.

“Trading is like a roller coaster, you will feel up and down at times.”

Most of the time, you will need someone that is actively available to get your back if something goes wrong. Research has shown that one of the best approaches to learn Forex is to seek a professional trader.

A professional trader will guide you to learn the roots of forex trading. With their years and years of experience, he will use his past success and failures as examples to get started. They will analyze your background to identify the best methods that suit your approach. A mentor will save a lot of your time doing countless research on the internet (and sometimes it’s not approachable for you) because they will provide you with full assistance, support, and expertise to achieve what you truly desire.

“But, how do I find those legit mentors? Not just another scam gurus?”

We have seen a lot of scam gurus trying to upsell their products yet didn’t provide the proper education that you’ve expected. It’s pretty irritating when you spent so much money for the mentor that isn’t helping at all.

Oftentimes free webinars are provided and you can join the webinar to gauge how sincere the guru is or whether there are few important points to takeaway. Well, the only thing you will lose is time, but at least, you won’t lose money yet you can learn new things there. Moreover, free webinar sessions tend to provide free resources to learn more about their credibility before purchasing their course package.

If you want to take your trading to the next level and reach your goal, you have to be consistent and educated. Taking part in a Free Consultation program can be your best option to solve your financial gap and trade in peace. Ready to transform your bank account?

Get ready to change with us!

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