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Get Out From Your Financial Free-fall: Why is it Hard to Save Money?

Reality hits us hard, indeed..

It feels so happy when you have received your salary. You may have your “written-in-neat” shopping list to get the things you want. Some of you might try to save and be strict on your budget (that’s great!).

However, almost is never enough, isn’t it?

It feels like you are still in need of money…


And more money…

You might have been following various 101 financial saving tips from Google and nailed it, but…

It only lasts for short-term….

And… It didn’t work out well in the long run…

Isn’t it funny? It’s pretty much simple math yet it’s so hard to handle add and subtract!


Is this your current ranting:

“Oh crap, been trying to save more but why is it not going north? Instead of getting FINANCIAL FREEDOM, what I am getting is FINANCIALLY FREE-FALL!”

If you are feeling this way and you are (desperately) wanting to change for the better, then this is for you...

Let’s be honest here: it’s fun to buy something new, isn’t it? Something that you’ve been dying to get. It’s like the amount of pleasure you obtained from buying a new bag or gadget or favorite fiction books or mocha latte in a high-end boulangerie, or whatever it is that you enjoy spending your money on.

Most likely, you will feel positive to get it -- and that’s the problem for most of us: Human Temporary Behaviour. We tend to spoil ourselves with temporary positive feelings because it feels good at that moment. When in fact, the mocha latte you drink, you will just move on with the day, that new gadget will invest your focus through your phone, instead of being productive, and that bag? You will buy it just to impress people that you hate.


Exactly, this leads to the first reason why you can’t save your money:

1. We try so hard to impress people we hate:


“We care more about what others think of us instead of what we need to take care of ourselves.”


Do you know what’s even sad here?

Even if we spend our last cents to impress people, most of the people we are trying to impress may never even notice.

Most people do not care about our image as much as we think they do.

Reflect yourself this:

How much time have you spent thinking about how retarded these people wearing no branded suit or how awesome another person is just because they drive Lamborghini?

Even if you notice them, you tend to think for a few seconds and then move on to focus on what's important for you.

Remind yourself this: NO ONE IS GOING TO PAY ATTENTION TO YOU FOR THEIR ENTIRE DAY ON WHAT YOU’RE DOING. They are too busy worrying themselves. Unless you have a toxic social circle that will always make fun of you for not following trends or buying branded items, then the answer is simple. Stop going out with them often because if they won’t support you during hard times, why would you even bother pressurizing yourself, spending for someone that is not appreciating you at all?

2. Poor financial decisions due to debt

Have you been using credit cards more often than usual?

Your credit cards, personal loans, store cards, etc are ways for people can get their money to pay for items they aren’t able to afford. People tend to use this last resort as their first approach to pay for luxuries although some of the low-income households use it to pay for their basic necessities (e.g rent, mortgage, etc).

There are several benefits that may help to minimize the need if they are finding it hard to pay for their basic living. Unfortunately, once people are getting used to it, they will find it hard to escape from the debt trap. And this is where the poor financial decisions start.

Although we all know that debt payments can be our guardian angel for our hard times, it isn’t until you receive your debt statement at the end of the month and realize all of the consequences -- too late. And then you have no choice but to ask for more loan to pay, and the cycle will continue until the debt is extremely unmanageable and it can’t continue.

If this is your current situation (I hope it’s not as bad as the scenario above), reach out to debt experts to save your financial life. They will guide you with all levels of debt cases so you won’t be sweating a lot every time a debt statement comes in.



3. Your salary may just too less compared to your value provided

So you have a job currently and things are going well, not... The lowball salary!

Sometimes, we are often confused about whether we spent so much on things or the salary given by our boss is just undervalue from our workload. It is irritating when you’ve done so much yet your boss just never gives you something more than what you deserve.

In that case, maybe it’s time for you to look elsewhere to work, or surf the internet for more side income opportunities.

There are so many people out there doing their side income opportunities or learning new skills and end up becoming their main income source. Hence, keep your heads up and open with opportunity because opportunity will always be there around you if you intend to reach out and accept it.

In which, this leads to the next steps.

4. Life always intervene you with more opportunities

“When life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade.”

No matter how extravagant your plans are, sometimes life will interfere with your path. You lose your job, or someone gets sick and requires a sum of money to pay the hospital bills, utilities bill increasing, and many more.

And because of this sour situation, the wonderful path that you were going on suddenly drove you to another way and your goal seems further away than usual. You will start to feel pessimistic.

As much as life can provide you a lemon, you can’t stop going where you want to be. You have to keep going. Is either you taking action now to protect what you currently have or nothing.

Hence, here are things you can do:

1. Build your emergency fund

Emergency funds will be your shield if you need them despite how tough it is to know how much to save and stick with the plan. According to a popular rule of thumb, most financial experts recommend having 3 to 6 months' worth of expenses available for emergency funds.

2. Reach out to industrial expertise to help you grow your money

Everyone wants to have a fat bank account and live the life that they want. However, getting started isn’t as easy as it is, especially if you have no experience at all to embark on your journey. There are two options for you: Either you start alone and end up getting lost, or seek industrial experts to help you grow together.

If you want to become an affiliate marketer, seek those affiliate marketer experts to teach you. Or if you want to be a trader, reach out to those master traders that have already sharpened their skills for many years to teach and guide you. The best thing about having an expert with you is that you don’t have to suffer unnecessary losses unlike that expertise because you will gain knowledge and guidance along the way. It may hurt you a while with the amount of money to start, but you will be thankful for yourself paying for it as it’ll be your ROI.

3. Change your mindset

Well, you are already equipped with a lot of ways to grow your money, what’s next? 


Having a growth mindset changes your game completely. Believe it or not, whether you get a promotion at work, or starting up a business, or skills to develop, your mindset drives you everywhere to determine your success and failure.

People with a growth mindset are often persistent in what they are doing even if it seems impossible for most people. They do not run away from challenges because it takes sacrifices to reach your goal. They see failure as it’s a window for improvement. They don’t dwell so much on bad days or losses because they will flip them into steps on their ladder to achieve what they truly desire.

Reaching your goal is difficult. But if you see it from a different perspective, it actually leads you to beautiful destinations. It’s just that you have to endure the rainstorm in order to see a rainbow.

“Love the challenges, don’t limit yourself, enjoy the journey and keep on learning.” - Carol Dweck.

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