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What’s your greatest nightmare during covid-19? 

Losing a job? Sudden medical emergency? Bankrupt? 

Or everything from the above!

Yes, it’s stressful to feel this way.. Getting hit with the financial crisis.

Because it requires you to make major changes in life and this can be so stressful in every inch of your daily lifestyle. You may have no choice but to cut down your coffee intake, food expenses, subscription plans, utilities, and many more.

Well, probably you are here now is because you are currently facing financial difficulties. In which, you are not alone! Because here’s a reminder:

Things are going to get better.. No matter how bad the situation is, there will always a solution to solve it.. Even during your hardest times! 

And hey.. What if I tell you that you can (at least) maintain what you have now… by regaining your self-control and take solid actions? 

The road to financial revival is definitely up and down at times, but ‘comeback show’ is the outcome that you’ll be grateful for doing it… 

So here are 3 proven steps that can save your financial situation, RIGHT NOW: 

1. Make a Budget Game (IMPORTANT!)

If you are someone that doesn’t usually know how much money you have flowing in and out each month, then you should start paying attention to it! If you aren’t keeping your budget, you will have no idea whether you’re currently living under or above the budget. It’s important to track your expenses at least 2 weeks or 1 month is best to review your spending pattern and how much you are spending. 

2. Develop Plans & Monitor Progress

Sometimes, facing financial hard times can lead you to a better path. You may want to start earning side income and slowly convert it into your main income resources. There are so many realistic ways to earn income and accomplish your financial goals. However, make sure to create a timeline with the amount of money you are targeting (weekly/monthly/yearly basis) in order for you to evaluate and assess the performance that can be improved, followed by your next plan. 

3.Get that Better Credit Card Deal

Getting a better credit card deal helps you to pay off your total debt faster or gain some little rest in your monthly budget. It will really help you to transfer that remaining balance to another card with lower rate.

Moreover, it’s worth asking if your current credit card company will lower your monthly interest rate. Sometimes companies will do this to keep you as a customer as it's cheaper for them to keep an existing customer than it is to recruit a new one.

4.Looking for ways to earn extra income

There are so many ways for you to earn extra money. Whether it’s selling things that you no longer use, renting your car/bike, freelancing, investing, etc. The money you earn fro these opportunities may seem fluctuate compared to what you earn at your primary job. However, even small amounts can add up to something bigger over time. Besides that, these activities might end up you to discover things that you enjoy enough to make it as a part of your career.

5. Surround yourself with successful people (MUST-DO)

This may be the hardest step for you especially when you are just started networking. However, once you begin, you will start seeing the same people at events and you’ll receive more invitations to join more events. Apparently, you will get the chance to grow yet you have a group of people who share the same interests and goals. 

Unexpected financial downfall is like an uninvited guest brags into your birthday party, knowing just to mess up your whole party and leaving you happy as if nothing happened. The key to encounter these financial challenges is to take action and open with more opportunities as there’s a quote saying,

“ The door of opportunity is always there; You have to prepare to unlock the door.”

So, ready to make changes in your income? 



Let us help you make a more well-prepared decision with your investment! 

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